Solar Lamp Mali Light

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The Solar System LED 10.2 developed by Eberhard Mohr is a mobile lighting system with new LED lighting technology and environmentally friendly nickel-metal-hydride batteries in a robust design.
The lamp is protected against shock and splash water, as well as against polarity reversal and short circuit. A built-in discharge protection prevents the batteries from being deeply discharged.

All parts used are commercially available parts and not custom-made.The lamp is simple in construction and requires little soldering.
It is ideal for reproduction in our partner workshops around the world.





Lighting technology:   LED with a light output of 130 lumens (luminous flux)

Burn time:                     max. 12 hours

Charging time:             6-7 hours with a solar module of 2.5 watts at maximum solar radiation.

LED service life:          100,000 operating hours

Weight:                         430 grams

Dimensions:                height 200 mm, diameter 90 mm


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