Solar Cooker

Funktion mit Sonne


A parabolic mirror reflects the sun’s rays on a matt black pot at the focal point inside the mirror. Burns and screens are so easy to avoid.

  • The cooker can be used one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset.
  • To follow the sun the solar cooker is moved by simple hand grips every 15 to 20 minutes.


  • 700 watts of power → 3 liters of water boil in about 25 minutes in good sunshine
  • 12 liters pot → up to 20 people can be supplied


Bedienung SK14

• Zum Umrühren wird der Reflektor so geschwenkt, dass der Topf im Schatten steht.

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Animationsfilm 350

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Production of solar cookers

The solar cookers are designed in such a way that they can be produced with the simplest tools on site. For the serial production of the Solarkocher SK14 (band steel frame), we have assembled a factory equipment with hand-operated machines, which are also available from us.